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Your trusted Partner, specializing in Gas Analysis, Level/Volume Measurement & Control and Process Electronics Solutions. Stocking Distributor for most Teledyne Analytical Instruments replacement Micro-Fuel Cells

Winter 2014

While it has been a busy Summer, we are now getting ready for another long Winter and would like to introduce you to some new products that we are excited about.

APM 3D Level Scanners are built and developed by a company based in Israel that have developed a unique Level Sensing and 3D imaging technology for the inside of vessels storing Solids. Their motto is "Changing the Market from Level to Volume" and the advantages of knowing the VOLUME of product in your vessel versus a simple Level measurement are tremendous. Inventory Control, JIT deliveries and control over problems with rat holes and pileups are only scratching the surface of the applications for this technology. Armatek Automation Inc has been an APM Distributor since 2011 and have amassed a wealth of experience with the product and it's applications, and the Customer list is only growing. Click on any of the images below to be taken to our dedicated page for much more information..

  • Teledyne Analytical Instruments (TAI) are a world leader in the design and manufacturing of gas and liquid analyzers and Armatek Automation Inc has been representing TAI in Canada for decades, so we know the people and the product line well and can help you to get results. These are specialized Instruments and require knowledgeable pre and post sales support. Our experienced Sales Professionals are well equipped to assist in all phases of your project and the high level of support that TAI provides to us is a great asset to our Customers. TAI specializes in O2 Analysis, however they also offer World Class solutions in the following areas:

    Combustion and emission analyzers

    Gas Chromatography

    Multi-point combustibles analysis

    Thermal conductivity

    Plasma Ionization - Nitrogen in Argon

    Flame Ionization Detectors

    TDLAS - Tunable Diode Laser Absorption Spectroscopy


    Total Sulfur


Why Armatek Automation Inc.?

Given our wide-ranging experience within the industry, we provide a focused range of quality equipment to optimize processes. We represent only the finest manufacturers and provide the most efficient and highest quality application support available. Our service only begins with the initial sale. We focus on long-term relationships and our mission is to differentiate ourselves from the competition by always providing superior and dependable service.


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