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Gas Analysis and Detection:

Teledyne Analytical Instruments

Teledyne Analytical Instruments is a world leader in the design and manufacturing of gas and liquid analyzers for industrial and OEM applications. Teledyne designs and manufactures sensors, gas and liquid analyzers, and custom systems which combine over 50 years of expertise in electronics, chemistry and engineering. TAI has over 15 sensing technologies to continuously monitor a variety of process gas and liquid parameters. Their broad line of trace and percent oxygen analyzers fulfill every major application.

They even have a complete line of portables: Click on the Model Number for the Brochure

3110 - Trace & % O2 - Intrinsically safe oxygen analyzer, micro-fuel cell, NiCad batteries FM/FMc or ATEX approved

311 - Trace & % O2 - Oxygen analyzer for hazardous areas, micro fuel cell, NiCad batteries, intrinsically safe

Series 320 - Percent general purpose oxygen analyzer, Micro-fuel Cell, NiCad batteries, portable, w/sample pump

GB300 - General purpose, handheld, oxygen analyzer, Micro-fuel Cell, AA batteries

And their unequaled Engineered Custom Oxygen Analysis Systems can easily handle the more complicated jobs.

Teledyne AI Micro Fuel Cell Replacement Parts

We understand that most of the Analyzers in use by our Customer are critical process components, and lead times for replacement parts can be difficult to handle, so Armatek Automation Inc. keeps the most popular types of replacement Micro-Fuel Cells in stock, ready to ship. Lead times are effectively 1 day for shipment. Cell Types normally stocked by Armatek are:

C06689-A2C  click HERE for data sheet

C06689-B1    – click HERE for data sheet

C06689-B1C  – click HERE for data sheet

C06689-B2C  – click HERE for data sheet

C06689-B3    – click HERE for data sheet

Click HERE for the Micro-Fuel Cell Brochure

If you have a regular requirement for a replacement Fuel Cell not shown above, please let us know and we would be happy to keep stock on hand to remove the 2-3 week standard lead times for these parts.

.Armstrong Monitoring Corp. (AMC)

As a leading manufacturer of gas detection and hazardous gas monitoring equipment, our commitment to ensuring safer environments, healthier air, and reduced environmental impact has helped forge our reputation as a trusted gas monitoring and detection solution provider with global reach. For nearly 30 years we have proudly helped our clients adapt to the growing demands of both the gas detection and monitoring industry and the environment.

We design and manufacture a highly versatile product line using the most reliable sensing technologies available. Intrinsic adaptability combined with a wide variety of gas sensor options means that Armstrong Monitoring systems can be tailored to meet the requirements of almost any application.

From mines to refineries, naval vessels to schools, automotive dealerships and parking garages to municipal water/sewer facilities, Armstrong Monitoring has the solution for your gas detection requirements.

•   Standalone Monitors: Systems that provide economy and ease of installation for vehicle exhaust applications.
•   Systems: Purpose built for specific applications that include vehicle exhaust and refrigerant leak detection.
•   Monitors: Designed to work with all AMC transmitters, and can be sized and configured to fit almost any job.
•   Sensors & Transmitters:  Wide array of highly configurable sensors and transmitters, Analog and Digital.
•   Accessories: Designed to work with Armstrong equipment, ranging from calibration kits to remote alarm modules


Since the inception of Armstrong Monitoring's gas detection equipment Service Department in 1984, our customers have benefited from our comprehensive portfolio of services and breadth of expertise in the maintenance, calibration, and repair of gas detection equipment.

Regardless of the make or model of gas detection equipment, Armstrong Monitoring provides you with the peace of mind associated with knowing your gas detection equipment is being optimally maintained and your environments are safe.

Armstrong Monitoring offers a full range of services ranging from technical support over the phone or internet, commissioning of new equipment installations, on-site preventative maintenance and calibration services on multi-vendor equipment, and full system analyses. Our highly skilled technicians are also able to offer on-site repairs, minimizing system down time, and associated repair costs.

We are equipped to service clients ranging from major municipalities, to hospitals, schools, and residential buildings.

Please contact Armatek Automation, or by phone at 905-366-0143 for more information on Armstrong Monitoring Services


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