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Automation Products Group, Inc. (APG), an ISO 9001 certified manufacturer, specializes in liquid level sensor and pressure transducer design and manufacture. Our roots in the business go back to the early 70’s. Since then we have built an extensive line of sensors including Tank Cloud Monitoring Devices: (Click on any of the images below for more information)

Ultrasonic level sensors

LPU-2428 Loop-Powered Ultrasonic Sensor

LPU-2428 Loop-Powered Ultrasonic Sensor      LOE Modbus TCP/IP Ultrasonic Sensor           IRU-2000 Object Detection Ultrasonic Sensor

Our ultrasonic level sensors are known for their field programmability. Within minutes, you can perfectly match your sensor’s parameters to your application, giving you unparalleled performance.
Most of our ultrasonic sensors are designed for use in level applications with ranges from as little as 4 inches to as much as 50 feet. They are used both indoors and out, capable of monitoring in cold and hot weather. Automatic temperature compensation is standard in each model.

Programming our ultrasonic level sensors is relatively easy, and is usually done well in under 30 minutes. This process is fairly straight forward, and our tech support is ready to help if you run into trouble.
There are three main settings you can adjust:
Pulse Strength & Sensitivity
Filtering & Response Time
Output & Trip Points

Continuous float level transmitters (magnetic level probes)


MPX Magnetostrictive Float Level Transmitter        RP Resistive Float Level Transmitter        RPM Durable Resistive Float Level Transmitter

Our continuous float level transmitters are approved for class 1 division 1 hazardous locations. The RPM is approved by ATEX as intrinsically safe for use in Europe. Their biggest strength is their durability and simplicity.

Float switches

     FT-100 Water Level Sensor                 Kari Float Switches                         FL Float Switches

Float switches are pretty straight forward, without many bells or whistles. However, there are several reasons why ours stand out. Most impressively, the Kari cable suspended float switches can have a single switch point, or up to four, all in one float. This is unheard of amongst competitor float switches. These floats are set up for various different applications, like fill control or empty control with an isolated alarm.

Our stem mounted float switches can have up to seven floats - each with one switch. These are custom placed according to your application needs. They can operate in temperatures up to 212° F (100° C). Unlike cable suspended float switches, these don’t need a wide area to operate. They’ll work anywhere large enough to fit the sensor.

Our miniature float switches are a versatile group, some capable of operating in temperatures up to 392° F (200° C). They are very compact, perfect for small tanks.

Pressure transducers

Amplified Output Pressure Transducers            Millivolt Output Pressure Transducers        Heavy Duty Pressure Transducers

While we only list a few pressure transducer families, each has a wide variety of configurable options when you purchase. These include options for:
pressure ranges
electrical connections and pin outs
and process fittings

Most allow you to adjust the zero and span in the field as well.

Digital pressure gauges

Digital Pressure Gauges (Indoor)           IP67 Digital Pressure Gauges            IP65 Digital Pressure Gauges

Our digital pressure gauges come with the most complete set of gauge functions on the market. Our most basic model offers all but a few of them. These are easily accessible (and easily locked) through the display interface.

Units Of Measure

(Choosing your unit of measure is part of the ordering process. But we’ve still included the option to change it at any time. Pre-programmed units include psi, bar, kPa, kgcm2, mbar, MPa, inHg, ftH2O, cmHg, inH2O, mmHg.

You can also create a custom unit of measure. This is done by entering a multiplier, or a conversion factor. For example, converting psi to ftH2O is easy, simply multiply by 2.31. So if it wasn’t already a standard option in the pressure gauge’s menu system, you could use the custom multiplier option to make the conversion.)


Peak Hold

Bar Graph

Auto Off



Submersible hydrostatic pressure transducers

PT-500 Submersible Pressure Transducers

Most submersible pressure transducers on the market stick to a simple mold: Piezoresistive sensor in a submersible housing. Beyond that, there are few options and alterations.

Built In Lightning Protection

Our submersible pressure transducers are made with you in mind. For example, we know that lightning strikes are a big problem for submersibles because they’re often attached to outdoor electronics and submerged below ground. Most others recommend buying a separate surge protector that can cost as much as $300. We decided to build the protection right into the sensor.

Multiple Cage Options

We also know that adding a protective cage adds quite a bit to the cost of the sensor. With you in mind, we made a cage that is removable, so you could reuse it on replacement sensors that you buy without a cage - saving you money. We also have a traditional cage, laser welded to the body of the sensor.

Field Zero Adjust

Another major oversight from other manufacturers is the zero adjust. This handy option is common with other pressure sensors, often done with a potentiometer adjustment screw. It would be difficult to seal such a method on a submersible pressure transducer. Therefore, many have removed the option altogether.

Not us. You can adjust the zero in our submersibles with a simple magnet. Simply touch the side of the housing to move the zero point up or down as needed. It couldn’t be simpler.

Chemical Compatibility

Our submersible pressure transducers are very compatible with most chemicals. The standard housing is 316L SS, and we are currently testing a PVC model. There are three different cables to choose from: Polyurethane, PVC, and Hytrel®. That means we can take care of your needs in just about every circumstance.

Remote monitoring sensors 

Tank Cloud Remote Tank Level Monitoring (various products adapted for Cloud)

Adding Tank Cloud to your tanks will save you money in two critical ways:
You'll stop wasting time on the expensive task of checking remote tank levels. Enjoy tank level data at your fingertips.
You’ll instantly know about expected and unexpected events. Receive an instant alert of tank empties and refills, including theft.
Stop wasting your time on level checking. This pulls your productive personnel off–task, and often costs you a lot of time and fuel to get on location. If you manage your own remote tanks, this is a major sticking point – causing a bottleneck to productivity, risk of injury, and is rarely executed with exactness.
If you collect from or refill remote tanks, you can improve your customer service dramatically, optimize collection and delivery routes, and (once optimized) service more customers with the same trucks. Relying on algorithms, or other forecasting techniques, to guess when the tank needs attention, is essentially rolling the dice.
Not only can you log-in to our secure servers at any time to see your tank level data, but you can leverage two critical tools to give your tank managers the critical information they need at exactly the right time.

Stay In The Know With Remote Tank Level Alarms
- Remote monitoring is much more powerful when the right people can be notified of tank conditions at the right time. Tank Cloud’s remote tank level alarms do exactly this.
- Send key personnel an automatic text message or email when tanks meet your pre-defined level condition. Give them the tool they need to respond appropriately to the routine tasks of servicing tanks, the emergency of a pending overfill, or to theft.
- Tank Cloud sensors have a few different types of alarms. Local alarms can be initiated by sensor trip points and are completely user defined. Remote alarms are configured at our secure data portal at
- Remote alarms will notify you when a tank is ready to be serviced – either picked up or refilled. They can even alert you to potentially unauthorized access events, such as theft. Creative uses of remote and local alarms include the initiating of a surveillance camera when tank contents are removed rapidly.

Perhaps the best part about our remote tank level alarms is that they’re completely user defined – meaning you can set them up to tell you about any tank level condition. Tank Cloud gives you the flexibility and control to set up alarms that match how you do business.

Crunch The Numbers With Tank Level Data Logging

Adding data logging to your Tank Cloud remote tank level monitoring will give you the information you need to make important long-term decisions.

Specifically, data logging will help you with the following:
- Tell you how and when your resources are used
- Give you production/usage trends
- Provide a record of your collections and deliveries

Understanding how your resources are used, and specifically when, is invaluable as you grow your business and plan for the busy seasons of the year. It’s one thing to have experience in your industry; it’s another to have the numbers in front of you. Optimizing your business is a lot easier when you have the data to back up your decisions.

It also helps to monitor trends of production and/or usage. For inventory managers, this tool tells your purchasing department when and how much to buy. For distributors, this gives you greater insight into demand, and helps you offer amazing customer service. For collection services, this helps you understand your customer’s production rates and allows you to plan ahead.

Our data logging service will keep up to three years of data on a per sensor basis. This gives you the flexibility to pick and choose which tanks need data logging the most, and scale the solution to your exact needs. You can export the data into your favorite spreadsheet format for number crunching fun!





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