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Industrial Safety Light Curtains, Relays, Press Controllers, Resolvers, Dual Press Safety Valves, Soft touch palm buttons

MX series, TYPE 4 Safety Light Curtains

Safety Relay - SR4001

Merlin "T" Series Safety Light Curtains

MTB/PMT Merlin Controller For Punch Presses

Merlin 3000 Controller: Designed Specifically for Press Brake Guarding

RBPC (Resolver Based Press Control)

Sof Touch 2 Ergonomic Palm Buttons

Dual Press Safety Valves

FAB-MAT (Guards potentially dangerous areas)

PULSE-AIR (solid state air control)\

Swing Away Side Guards

Mounting Pedestals for Lightguards

Light Curtain Mirrors (Mirrors to wrap light curtain around corners.)

ARC BEAM II Part ejection detector (PED)

Download ISB Light Curtain Brochure HERE
Download ISB RBPS (Resolver Based Press Control) Brochure HERE


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