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Steute Wireless Switches

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Steute has been building industrial automation components since 1961. As part of this focus, we manufacture-to-order an array of industrial-grade, cCSAus-Certified switches expressly designed for wireless operation.

Currently Available Components
Our present range of built-to-order wireless components include:
Electromechanical Position/Limit Switches
Pushbutton Command Stations
Pull-Wire Switches
Foot Switches
Magnetic Sensors
Door handles with integral control functions
Receivers & Repeaters

Wireless Design Protocols
Depending upon the model, these cCSAus-Certified components can be built-to-order using one or more of the following design protocols:
2.4 GHz with Lithium Battery power supply
868 MHz or 915 MHz with Energy Generator (no battery required)
868 MHz or 915 MHz with Lithium Battery power supply
868 MHz or 915 MHZ with Solar Cell power supply

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Wireless Products:

Wireless position switches
Wireless command devices
Wireless hand remote controls
Wireless multifunction handles
Wireless foot switches
Wireless safety foot switches
Wireless pull-wire switches
Wireless magnetic sensors
Wireless inductive sensors
Wireless optical sensors
Wireless universal transmitters
Wireless receivers with relay outputs
Wireless receivers with gateway
Wireless repeaters
Wireless field strength testing tools

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sWave® 2.4 GHz
sWave® 868 MHz
sWave® 915 MHz
EnOcean® 868 MHz




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