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Gas Analyzers, Trace & Percent Portable, Combustion & Emission Analyzers, Photometers, Gas Chromatography, Total Sulfur, Thermal conductivity, Plasma Ionization, Flame Ionization
Teledyne Analytical Instruments is a world leader in the design and manufacturing of gas and liquid analyzers for industrial applications.

About TAI
Teledyne Analytical Instruments designs and manufactures sensors, gas and liquid analyzers, and custom systems which combine over 50 years of expertise in electronics, chemistry and engineering.

Known for Oxygen Analysis
TAI has over 15 sensing technologies to continuously monitor a variety of process gas and liquid parameters.
Known for oxygen analysis, our broad line of trace and percent oxygen analyzers fulfill every major application. We even have a complete line of portables. And our unequaled custom oxygen analysis systems handle the more complicated jobs.
Oxygen analyzers using electrochemical, paramagnetic, and zirconium oxide sensing technologies in an array of configurations from the lightest portable to the most rugged explosion proof system
A complete line of industrial oxygen sensors, each designed for fast response, specific measurement ranges, tough background gases and other unique requirements

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Teledyne Analytical Instruments replacement Micro-Fuel Cells

Armatek Automation Inc. attempts to keep most popular MFC Types in stock for quick delivery. We generally stock the following Cell Types: (Click the PN for Data Sheet)






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Armatek Automation is the Authorized Teledyne Analytical Instruments Distributor for Ontario Canada.

For more information, or if you have a specific application that you need assistance with, please contact us or download the Application Data Sheet Here and forward that to us for review.

SERVICE: Teledyne Analytical Instruments services what they sell, and Armatek can normally repair the Portable O2 Analyzers here at our Facility. Please contact us if you need spare parts or repairs to existing units.


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