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SWR Engineering - Competence in Solids

Your specialist for the measurement of mass flow of dry bulk solids
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Since 1994 we have solved customers problems involving the processing of solid materials. Our aim is to assist you to increase your productivity with technology that state-of-the art and simple.

"Made in Germany" is a logo that synonymous with quality, we are proud to display this.

Our company is dedicated to delivering solutions to the marketplace for:
Material Mass Flow Measurement, Lean & Dense Phase
Level Control
Continuous Moisture Measurement
Dust Filter Damage Monitoring
Dust Emission Measurement
Dust Velocity Measurement

Our systems can be used for most types of solids in many industries. Please read the overviews, you may find your application. If not please contact us to discuss your particular application.

MaxxFlow HTC

Fall through measurement of high mass flow rates

For measurement of high mass flow rates for dry solids from the exit of pre feeding devices,
e. g. screw conveyors, air slides, rotary valves, bucket elevators, etc.

● Most non-metallic solids can be measured
● Can be installed on round pipes or ducts
● No real upper limit of mass flow
● Maximum pressure 10 bar
● Dust tight
● No flow restrictions to the process flow (wear resistant ceramic liner)
● The mass flow measurement is independent of flow characteristics
● Maximum temperature, 12O °C
● Can be installed at an angle
● Small footprint, 220 mm (DN 100), 290 mm (DN 150), 310 mm (DN 200)
● No moving parts, hence no maintenance


Throughput measuring

The measuring system to easily measure the mass flow of solids
● Can be used in free fall and in pneumatics
● Simple retrofitting using a welding socket
● ATEX-certified
● Almost all types of dust, powder and granules can be measured
● No installations in the material stream
● up to 20 t/h
● Measuring principle: Microwave
● Online flow metering
● Throughput measuring up to 20 t/h



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